Burrowing Owl Optics Strap


Comfortably carry your binoculars or camera gear with a wildlife neck strap.

  • Handmade with: Cork, linen/cotton canvas (exterior) | heavy duty nylon webbing
  • Cork is naturally water and stain resistant.  It is soft, comfortable and holds up very well to wear and tear.  A true natural and vegan alternative to leather or vinyl.
  • Design Length 1.5″ x 28″ | Webbing 3/8″ x 16″ (both sides)
  • Overall Dimensions: 1.5″ W x 30-56″ (can be worn around the neck, shoulder, or crossbody)
  • Care Instructions: Spot Clean only


  • 3/8″ sized webbing fits many camera and binocular brands, if not adapters may be needed.  Please check your model before purchasing or leave me a note at checkout and I will include two small split rings with your order that can be used as temporary adapters.
  • If you prefer the webbing ends shorter, cut to your desired length and carefully melt the ends with a lighter to prevent the nylon from unraveling.