Meet the Maker

Hi there!  I’m Casey, the maker/designer/artist/photographer/web designer behind Laterzees.

20 years ago, I taught myself how to sew on my grandmother’s Singer sewing machine.  Through trial, error and years of practice I honed my craft and sharpened my skills and scissors.  

At the start of Covid in 2020, I was furloughed from my job and faced with an abundance of free time.  To make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity, I decided to learn textile design.  Graphic art has always been an interest of mine so combining it with my love of sewing was a no brainer.  I was overwhelmed with inspiration and Laterzees was born!

I hope to share my passion for art, nature and wildlife with the world, while making as minimal an impact as I can on the environment.  I was raised by two incredible conservationists who taught my siblings and I to appreciate our natural world, never take it for granted and do everything we can to protect it.


What does “Laterzees” mean?

Laterzees (Lay-ter-zees) is just a play on the word “later.”  No deep story or hidden meaning here.  

I wanted a name that wasn’t specific to any one craft so I didn’t box myself in as an artist.  Something unique and different, a single word or phrase and fun!